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BearNotes is the newsletter for the parents, staff, and students of the M-A community. Published by the PTA with a focus on communicating school news and upcoming events within our community. BearNotes is sent by email once a week on Sunday. Subscribe below to receive school news every week. BearNotes is published in both English and Spanish.

BearNotes Publication Policies

How to Submit Items

  • Email submissions to Do not send submissions to anyone's personal email address.

  • Include all content in the body of the email, not as attachments. 


When to Submit Items

  • The deadline for submissions including sports is Thursday at midnight for publication on Sunday.

  • Sports events taking place on the weekend Friday - Sunday will be included if submitted by noon on Sunday. 

  • BearNotes runs submissions for two (2) weeks just prior to an event. However, if the submission includes an action item (such as purchasing tickets, recruiting volunteers, or soliciting underwriting), the article may run in two (2) issues just prior to the event, as well as one (1) single other issue before that, at the discretion of the Committee Chair submitting the article.


What to Submit

  • No special or additional editions of Bear Notes will be sent out unless the subject matter impacts the entire school population. Such special editions are exclusively at the discretion of the BearNotes editors and the PTA Co-Presidents.

  • Submissions should be SHORT, and should include the organization name, event, date, time, location, and contact info (including website URLs). Submissions missing vital information may not be published in a timely manner.

  • Sport submissions are limited to 200 words per team, not per game. (i.e., girls varsity soccer); submissions > 200 words may be omitted.

  • Do not include pictures or photos in BearNotes submissions.

  • For links to downloadable forms, please plan ahead and email the PTA Co-Presidents to make sure the form is first posted on the PTA website.

  • Please spell check and proofread submissions.

  • Please include the hyphen in Menlo-Atherton High School and when using the initials M-A.

  • Community interest items, unrelated to M-A, will be limited to a brief event description, date, time, location, website URL, and contact info.

  • Community items are only included for non-profit organizations with messages that pertain directly to our target audience.


General Information

  • The PTA BearNotes team reserves the right to edit or reject submissions.

  • The M-A PTA is a non-profit organization, with a non-commercial, non-partisan, and non-sectarian policy which is strictly enforced. In particular, notices of a personal, political, religious, commercial, or editorial nature will not be published.

The BearNotes Team:

BearNotes Editor-in-Chief 

Mike Santoro

BearNotes Editors:

Audra Loftman

Amy Travers

BearNotes Spanish Translator: 

Maria Vegas


Alyssa Blau

Lisa Cope

Julie Lee

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