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You can make a world of difference! Volunteer to help M-A’s English Learners.

  • Volunteer tutors help students who are learning English in M-A’s beginning and intermediate English Language Development (ELD) classes. Most of the students are relatively new to the U.S. and face challenges as they learn a new language and a new educational system. Volunteers practice English conversation with learners and offer individual support on schoolwork. Familiarity with a second language is not required but is helpful. 

Tutoring Session
  • Tutors focus on reading, writing, vocabulary, and conversation.

  • Tutors are usually assigned to one period on a block day, which makes the weekly commitment less than two hours.

  • Tutors work with small groups of students under the direction of a classroom teacher.

This is a terrific opportunity for parents to get involved in a constructive and rewarding way by working directly with students and teachers.

ELD Tutoring Chair: Anneliese Abdella

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