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The PTA Mini-Grant Program funds one-time needs when alternate funding is not available. M-A teachers, club leaders, administrators, staff members, and students may apply.

What a Mini-Grant Can Fund

The PTA is guided by the principle that grants should benefit the largest number of students possible across a variety of grade levels and subject areas. Mini-Grants typically fund expenses that go beyond what is funded by the District or Department (please check first with your Department for basic supply needs). With this in mind, PTA Mini-Grants generally fund:

  • Supplies, materials, and equipment including books, magazines, and newspapers

  • Support for school programs

  • Instructional software

  • Electronic equipment

  • Entry fees or admission costs to museums or other field trip destinations (but NOT other field trip costs, such as transportation. See below.)

What a Mini-Grant Cannot Fund

PTA guidelines limit Mini-Grant funding:

  • No private transportation costs, hotels, etc. (due to insurance limitations)

  • No salaries or substitute teacher costs

  • No funding for staff professional development or staff conferences of any kind

  • No gift cards

  • No food (unless it is to feed volunteers)

  • No furnishings for staff rooms, lunch rooms or principals’ offices

  • No athletics-related requests. Please check with M-A Athletic Boosters

How to Apply/Deadlines

To apply for a PTA Mini-Grant, please complete the application. There are two rounds of Mini-Grant funding per year, with the following deadlines:

  • Fall 2023:  Wednesday, September 20 

  • Spring 2024: Wednesday, February 14 

(applicants notified after the October 5 and March 7 PTA General Meetings respectively)

Important Reminders

  • Application deadlines are final; no late submissions will be accepted.

  • Fully complete the proposal including how the funds will be used.

  • Calculate expenditures carefully. The PTA will not fund any amounts over the amount approved (include tax and shipping costs).

  • Grant funds must be used for the purposes specified in the grant application.

  • Items purchased are the property of Menlo-Atherton High School.

  • It is a requirement to be a member of the M-A PTA to request a PTA Mini-Grant. Membership link below.

  • Complete the reimbursement request form when you are ready to be reimbursed. Please include a copy of your Mini‐Grant approval letter with the form.

PTA Mini-Grants Co-Chairs:
Julie Lee and Rachel Rosner

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