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The Shared Decision-Making Site Council (SDMSC) is composed of staff, students, parents, and administrators who make policy decisions for the school. The PTA sends a representative to this meeting, and parents are also represented by two Parent-at-Large positions. Meetings are open to the public and are held in the M-A MakerSpace (S-7) on Thursday afternoons at 3:20. Meetings will generally occur twice a month (exceptions are made for school holidays), and agendas are posted prior to the meetings here.  

Meeting Schedule 2023-2024   TBA

Thursday, Sept. 

Thursday, Sept. 

Thursday, Oct. 

Thursday, Oct  

Thursday, Nov. 

Thursday, Dec. 

Thursday, Jan. 

Thursday, Jan. 

Thursday, Feb. 

Thursday, March 

Thursday, March 

Thursday, April 

Thursday, May 

SDMSC PTA Representative: 

Tricia Barr

SDMSC Parents-at-Large

Tina Lin

Elizabeth Santana

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